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Covers for indoor riding arenas can be customized in shape and size to suit all equestrian and competitive activities.

The modular arenas are made of multilayer membranes that are resistant to the aggression of at-mospheric agents and ensure top protection from sun and UV rays.
The modularity of the covers and the type of removable ground anchoring devices (which replace concrete foundations) allow the complete assembly of a sports structure in just a few hours or days.
The different roofing solutions for sports facilities meet the requirements of resistance and durability and are the best solution for covered riding arenas, covered round pens and sports arenas.

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soluzioni personalizzate


Every riding school is designed and built with customized solutions to meet the highest require-ments of use.

made in italy


In addition to the production entirely made in our facilities, even the top-quality raw materials are supplied by Italian companies.

installazione rapida


Quick installation on any ground surface, even without the need for concrete foundations.



Our Indoor Riding Arenas are made with a structural aluminum alloy frame-work to improve and ensure the highest physical and mechanical perfor-mance.

During the production stage our materials are tested several times to ensure the best quality. Every aluminium alloy component is entirely manufactured in Italy, from its the extrusion up to machining.



Strong: the use of Structural Aluminium Alloys by means of special extruded profiles, allows the manu-facturing of buildings able to withstand in every environmental condition.


Lightweight: by ensuring the same strength of the steel, aluminium has a three times lower weight with the same structural features. Installation is also possible without foundations.


Versatile: the open chance to design the beams profiles with different shapes, allows you to create any type of structure and size.


Recyclable: L’alluminio è un materiale riutilizzabile all’infinito essendo 100% riciclabile. Cover Tech-nology adotta un sistema di gestione ambientale conforme alla Norma ISO 14001.


Reliable: the production process is extremely reliable, repeatable and easily monitored. Full com-pliance with the strictest international standards.


Life: thanks to the physical-mechanical features and the resistance to corrosion, Cover Technolo-gy profiles can be considered "everlasting".


Corrosion: Unlike steel, wood or composite materials (FRP), aluminium keeps the same physical-mechanical characteristics of the structure unaltered over time


Maintenance: it is not necessary. Over the years it is not required to paint or apply additional sur-face treatments.

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The high-performance modular roofing, is made of highly resistant polyester technical membranes, coated with PVC, self-extinguishing and UV resistant.

The special textile membrane with a blackout layer (embedded in the fabric core) maximizes the sun protection and filters the UV rays. This technology allows to reduce the temperature inside the riding arena even in the hottest summer days. Several colours available to meet every need and to better suit any installation environment.



So many shapes and sizes, which one should I choose?

The right size for an indoor arena depends on the space available and the activities to be per-formed. The most common solutions range from covering a portion of the field to its full en-closing. The most common dimensions are 20x40, 25x50, 30x60 meters but also larger areas such as 40x60 or 50x100 meters. For those who play show jumping it is good to choose a min-imum height of at least 4 meters from the ground.

What material is the best choice?

There are three main types of commonly used materials: wood, steel and the aluminum.
Wooden stables are the most classic constructions but also those that require the most care-ful and constant maintenance.
The covers made of steel are the heaviest and are commonly made with large iron tubes. These structures are usually the most economical but also the most complex to manage. The intrinsic heaviness of the materials requires foundation works and excavations to ensure a good stability and tightness. Steel structures also require constant maintenance to avoid cor-rosion and rust.
Aluminum alloy arenas shall meet the highest standards of quality in the extrusion and hard-ening of the material. If well dimensioned and manufactured, these buildings are light, high performance and suitable to be exposed to loads such as snow and wind. Compared to steel and wood, aluminum does not require any maintenance as it is not affected by corrosive agents. The long-term value is ensured by the fact that these constructions can be easily dis-mantled and reassembled in a short time. The construction technology comes from the aero-space, and it is no coincidence that in more recent years, aluminum alloys are finding more and more popularity in the construction industry.

Are foundations required?

We know that foundation work can be a real headache for anyone who wants to proceed with the construction of an indoor riding arena. However, these works are often required to ensure that the structure is firmly anchored to the ground. The only exception is for the covered rid-ing schools made of aluminum alloy; the lightness of the material allows to reduce the weight of the assembled structure (about one-third compared to steel). Therefore, the instal-lation can be performed through a micro-piles anchorage that, by going deep into the ground, stabilizes the structure by ensuring extreme stability over time.

What permits are required to build?

The main interlocutor for the necessary construction paperwork is surely your local municipal-ity, which can address you to the relevant offices such as civil engineering, regional office, and other entities that may be required.

Temporary or permanent building?

Even if the normal covered stables built with a metal frame are theoretically moveable in dif-ferent sites of installation, all the covering structures should be considered as permanent, es-pecially regarding the atmospheric loads to be guaranteed.

How long to build a riding arena?

Also in this case, the timing of construction and installation depends on the materials. In the case of foundations, the time is driven by their implementation. In the case of an indoor rid-ing arena without foundations, it is possible to start working in your indoor arena even after only 30 or 60 days from the purchase.

Regulations and snow and wind loads, what risks?

One of the most important aspects and often more difficult to evaluate is the one related to the legal obligations to be met in order to ensure a functional and safe indoor riding arena; therefore, it must be able to withstand the loads of snow, wind, earthquake and all the stresses that it will face over time. For this reason, it is always necessary to contact profes-sionals and compare the various technical proposals in a critical and thorough way. All the arenas must ensure proper snow, wind and earthquake loads according to the area of instal-lation. Complying with the right regulation means making better performing buildings. Some-times it happens that the market offers solutions with technical parameters lower than nec-essary. You have to consider that any horse arena, as well as a house, it must be able to with-stand autonomously! 

Open-sided or closed-sided riding arena?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on the riding habits of each rider, the out-door temperatures, and the installation area. The best experience definitely comes from an open-sided riding arena, as this is the most suitable solution to reduce both the internal and the perceived humidity. In case of installation in windy areas, it is advisable to install appro-priate windbreaks on the side walls.

What guarantees should I ask for?

As with all products, a warranty must be provided in accordance with the law. In addition, it is mandatory that all metal structures have the appropriate CE marking. In addition to the guar-antee and reliability of the materials themselves, it is important that, in the case of welds on the supporting frame, these are further guaranteed since they represent the most structurally critical element for the durability and quality of a covered riding arena.

What is important to know before you selecting a riding school?

For further information you can download our pdf document


The choice of the components of every arena and modular indoor riding school is the result of a long experience, which leads to use only dynamic materials, able to meet all the requirements in terms of strength, performance, and durability.

Thanks to the aluminum alloy load-bearing frame of our covered riding arenas, no foundation works are required, making easier the administrative process of obtaining permits.

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